Lisa Tongel
Licensed Acupuncturist

About Lisa Tongel, Licensed Acupuncturist

Lisa has over 16 years experience as an acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, infertility and pregnancy care.  Lisa uses acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, dietary therapy, bodywork and massage - including Craniosacral Therapy the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies - to help women restore their health, and realize their life goals.  Lisa is highly skilled in the areas of fertility and pregnancy care, having helped hundreds of women achieve pregnancy, and maintain their health during and after pregnancy. 

Lisa is a long time member of Portland’s Women’s health community.  Twenty years ago she began her medical career as a medical assistant, and worked in OB/GYN offices in the Portland area for several years before starting her acupuncture practice.  Lisa possesses a unique combination of experience in Western medical settings, passion for women’s health and a woman’s right to be unconditionally supported in her decisions about having a family, a dedication to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and a seasoned sensitivity towards the intuitive, emotional, and energetic needs of her clients.  Lisa is often referred to as being a profoundly calming, supportive presence for her clients during some of the most demanding times of their lives. 

Lisa genuinely loves working with women to support their health and well being, and finds that she is in some way inspired by every person she treats.  Lisa is honored to work with women and families from all walks of life, and enthusiastically supports non-traditional families of all kinds.

In the personal realm, Lisa enjoys hiking and basking the beauty of the great Northwest, swimming, playing board games, music, and reading good books.  Lisa is a long time meditator, and it is through her meditation practice that she continually endeavors to open her heart and mind  in order to be of greater service to the community.

Lisa can reached at or at 503 577-3669.