Lisa Tongel
Licensed Acupuncturist

A Holistic Approach to Fertility Support

As she looks to support your fertility holistically, Lisa uses Chinese Medicine to correct subtle signs of imbalance, helping all systems of your body return to a state of optimal health.  Too often, symptoms we ‘live with’ or disregard can have a negative impact on fertility.  Acupuncture treatments can help strengthen your reproductive function and treat specific gynecological conditions that may impede fertility.  In addition, symptoms not typically associated with reproduction, such as insomnia, poor digestion, or frequent infections, can also compromise fertility.  Acupuncture treatments can guide your whole body back to a state of improved health, creating the best environment for a pregnancy to thrive.  At your initial appointment, Lisa will thoroughly evaluate your health history and arrive at a customized prescription of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary therapies, exercise, and massage, according to your individual needs.  Your ongoing treatments are tailored to address the underlying causes of your particular fertility concerns, naturally optimizing your fertility.



  Acupuncture treatments can result in:


~  Improved hormone regulation

~  Regular menstrual cycles

~  Consistently timed ovulation

~  Enhanced ovarian function

~  Improved egg quality

~  Improved blood flow to the pelvic organs

~  Enhanced uterine lining quality

~  Healthier fertilization and embryo implantation

~  Improved pregnancy health



  Acupuncture can be effective for:


~  Luteal Phase Disorders

~ Ovulation disorders

~  Irregular menstrual cycles

~  Low ovarian reserve/ Elevated FSH levels

~  Advanced Maternal Age

~  Immunological disorders

~  Thin uterine lining or scanty cervical fluid

~  Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

~  Endometriosis

~  Uterine Fibroids

~  Recurrent Miscarriage

~  Unexplained Infertility

~  Poor response to fertility medications

~  Stress, Anxiety, Mood swings



Acupuncture and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)


If you pursue conventional Western fertility treatments, acupuncture can be an important ally in your treatment cycles, including Clomid, Letrozole, IUI, and IVF cycles.  Acupuncture can be used safely with all fertility medications, as it will not interfere with their actions, and may improve results.  Several studies have shown that acupuncture treatments given in combination with conventional Western fertility treatments significantly increase pregnancy rates.  In addition, regular acupuncture treatments during fertility cycles can reduce unwanted side effects of fertility medications, and reduce stress.  Lisa routinely works with local fertility specialists, and is an expert in the beneficial use of acupuncture during your fertility treatment cycle. 


Timing Your Treatments


Acupuncture and Chinese medicine work gradually but effectively over time to improve your overall health and fertility. When you are trying to become pregnant, Lisa recommends treatment once a week for at least 3-6 cycles for best results.  Research indicates that women’s bodies require three months to fully develop an egg for ovulation.  Therefore, any treatment will have its strongest effects beginning three months from the time it is initiated.  Experience has shown that taking this time to rebalance and prepare your body from the very foundation of health allows for the most successful outcomes.


If you are planning an IVF or IUI cycle, it is best to begin treatment as soon as possible - ideally 6 to 12 weeks prior - to prepare your body for the cycle.  At minimum, acupuncture treatments should occur once to twice weekly for the month prior to an IVF or IUI cycle.  In addition, acupuncture has been shown in studies to significantly improve IVF success rates if it performed on the day of the embryo transfer.  At your initial appointment, Lisa can advise you of the best treatment schedule for your situation.