Lisa Tongel
Licensed Acupuncturist

Pregnancy Support

When you become pregnant, or when you might be pregnant but aren’t sure yet, acupuncture provides safe, gentle support for you and your baby’s health.  Used in pregnancy care for thousands of years, acupuncture can be used safely throughout every phase of your pregnancy to improve your health, relieve discomforts, and prevent complications.  Regular acupuncture treatments during your pregnancy can reduce miscarriage risk, reduce nausea, heartburn and constipation, improve sleep, energy and moods, relieve body pain and headaches, and strengthen and prepare your body for labor.  Complimenting your prenatal care with acupuncture can provide safe, drug free options for concerns that arise.  Lisa has advanced training and considerable expertise in treating pregnant and post-partum women, and can easily work with your prenatal care provider to provide you with safe, integrative care. 


Towards the end of pregnancy, acupuncture is excellent treatment option for preparing for the birth of your baby.  At this exciting time, Lisa will focus on strengthening and supporting your body to prepare for what it naturally knows how to do:  give birth to a healthy baby.  Acupuncture can help fortify your energy reserves, can assist in gently promoting the softening and dilation of the cervix, and can prepare your womb for the onset of regular, consistent contractions.  With acupuncture, your body and your baby feel nourished, ready for the miracle of birth.


After pregnancy, acupuncture continues to support your overall health, treating many post-partum concerns including difficult lactation, post-partum depression and post-partum pain or bleeding.  Receiving acupuncture treatments after pregnancy preserves long-term wellness, supporting future fertility and menstrual health.  After a Cesarean section birth, acupuncture is an excellent post-operative treatment for reducing pain, speeding tissue healing and reducing scar formation. 


Acupuncture sessions during and after pregnancy create time for you to strengthen and rest your body, providing you with more energy to care for and enjoy your new baby.  Acupuncture can help you honor this unique and precious time of your life, and joyfully welcome your baby into the world with its gentle, nourishing support.



Concerns of Pregnancy Effectively Treated with Acupuncture:


~ Nausea and vomiting

~ Fatigue

~ Heartburn

~ Constipation, hemorrhoids

~ Sinus Congestion

~  Insomnia, anxiety

~  Headaches/migraines

~ Back/hip pain, sciatica

~ Carpal tunnel (wrist) pain

~ Round ligament/pelvic pain

~ High blood pressure

~ Edema/swelling

~ Threatened miscarriage

~ Bleeding in pregnancy

~  Fibroids in pregnancy

~ Preparation for Labor

~ Breech baby

~ Difficult or scanty lactation

~ Post-partum pain, depression, constipation, insomnia, and fatigue